Sunday, May 16, 2010

Happy Moments

Last Saturday, i was photographing Izzie for a Special Edition Sundress (coming soon!). It was a warm and sunny morning and we just did it in our small garden and living room. We had so much fun putting on each dress, she would pause to pose for me while playing on the swing and climbing up and down the bench behind the couch.

When i started this business less than a year ago, it was out of my passion to dress her up and for everything handmade. Along the way, i picked up photography and i just love to photograph Izzie, not only for Izzie n Friends, but for our own personal collection and memories as well.

Best of all....when i looked back at some of the photos where i captured her laughs, her tears, her smiles, her cheekiness, her naugtiness, and her "are-you-happy-with-this-pose" look, i smile from the bottom of my heart....I couldn't be more contended.

Izzie wanted to take pictures of me while we did the Spring10 photos... i was actually surprised by some of her shots....she did well for her age!!