Saturday, April 21, 2012

Just a little update

Time flies. It was more than a year ago since i last updated this blog. I just sent Izzie to her Sunday drama class this morning and have sometime in my hands, so i decided that i should do something about the blog.

Izzie is turning 5 this year (well at times she thinks she is 15!).... she has grown from a little baby to a kid girl who has a strong mind of her own, and her personalities and character are shaping up. It has not been easy being a single parent, juggling between a day job, a side business, and be a responsible mum at the same time. But i have enjoyed every moment of her growing up despite the challenges and frustration i faced....and i often wish that time would slow down because i miss the times where i could hold her like baby in my arms. I still hold her and hug her as much as I could, but i miss every bit of her growing up.

I decided to take a little break this year from the Izzie's clothing business. There are a few major things happening within the year that I must focus on : finding Izzie a suitable school for her year 1 starting in September, moving to a new apartment near the school, and a few long haul trips for my day job. Plus, i am turning 40, physically i do not have the stamina of a 20+, so taking it one thing at a time might be a good idea :-)

But I am not giving up my passion in the kids fashion. Izzie will always be my inspiration, and my vision will always stay alive everyday when i dress her in the morning, and more often than not these days, when put her foot down on what she wants to wear :-)

Recently, i cut her long curly locks that she has been keeing since birth... And I luuuvvv her new look! Check it out

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